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Top 10 Freelancing Countries in the World.

Top 10 Freelancing Countries in the World.
Top Freelancing Countries in the world

In the ever-evolving world of work, freelancing has emerged as a potent force. The freedom of choosing when, where, and for whom to work is attracting millions across the globe into its fold. But, have you ever wondered which countries are leading the charge in this flexible work revolution? Let’s delve into the Top 10 Freelancing Countries in the World and explore the epicentres of this transformative movement.

In this in-depth analysis, we will not just uncover the countries that are pioneering the freelancing landscape, but also understand why they are at the top. Knowledge is power, and understanding these dynamics can be your guiding light as you navigate your freelancing journey. So, whether you’re a seasoned freelancer looking to broaden your horizons, or a newbie dreaming of a digital nomad lifestyle, this article is for you.

Key Highlights

CountryNumber of FreelancersPopular Freelancing ProfessionsNotable Insights
United StatesOver 57 millionDigital Marketing, Graphic Design, Content Writing, Software DevelopmentPioneering in freelance diversity and innovation
United KingdomApprox. 2 millionGraphic Design, Writing and Editing, IT Consulting, Marketing, Accounting ServicesAttractive freelance rates and income potential
IndiaAbout 15 millionGraphic Designing, Content Writing, Web Development, Digital MarketingSecond-largest freelancing hub, diverse job opportunities
BangladeshOver 650,000Web Development, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Data AnalysisSecond largest in Asia, diverse digital skills
PakistanOver 1 millionGraphic Design, Content Writing, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Virtual AssistanceSignificant contributor to the digital gig economy
PhilippinesApprox. 500,000Content Writing, Graphic Designing, Software Development, Digital MarketingResilient freelancers overcoming infrastructural challenges
CanadaOver 2.9 millionProject Management, Software Development, Consultancy, EducationDiverse job types, impact of COVID-19 on freelancing
GermanyAbout 1.5 millionIT, Engineering, Consulting, Graphic Design, Photography, WritingThriving in tech and creative fields
UkraineOver 130,000Software Development, Graphic Design, Content Writing, Digital MarketingFocus on digital innovation and creative industries
AustraliaAbout 4.1 millionGraphic Design, Writing, Film Production, Software Development, Data Analysis, Engineering ConsultancySignificant economic impact, digital marketing prominence
Top 10 Freelancing Countries in the World

United States

The rise in the number of freelancers in the United States is a testament to the growing popularity of flexible working arrangements. This trend opens a new world of opportunities, especially in types of jobs that weren’t traditionally associated with freelancing. Now, more than ever, you have the chance to take control of your career and work style. Moreover, certain freelance professions are gaining significant traction. Discover the popular freelance professions in the United States and consider how these might align with your skills, passions, and lifestyle. Every career move is an opportunity for growth and self-discovery.

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Number of Freelancers

Turning our lens to the United States, a veritable hotbed of freelance activity, let’s consider the immense number of freelancers making their mark in the marketplace. Over 57 million Americans have chosen the path of freelancing, harnessing their skills and passions in novel ways. This number is not just a statistic, it’s a testament to a paradigm shift in work culture. It’s a robust affirmation of an emerging, and increasingly dominant, economic trend. This rise in freelancers is a call to action for all aspirants – it’s a signal that the time to embrace the freelance lifestyle is now. So, don’t just sit on the sidelines. Join the legion of freelancers and be part of this exciting, liberating journey.

Types of Jobs

Transitioning from the global perspective, let’s narrow our focus to the dynamic landscape of freelancing in the United States. When it comes to the types of jobs, the possibilities are as diverse as the nation itself. From writing and graphic design to software development and digital marketing, the range is vast. As we delve deeper, it’s essential to remember that every job type is an opportunity for personal growth and professional advancement. The strength of freelancing lies in its flexibility and diversity. It empowers you to choose your path, harness your skills, and build a career that aligns with your passions and lifestyle. So, why not take a moment to consider the possibilities? Turn your skills into a rewarding freelance career.

Popular freelance professions in the United States

Having whetted your appetite with a glimpse of the thriving freelance landscape, let’s zoom into the United States where this trend is gaining considerable momentum. The popular freelance professions here are as diverse as the country itself. One cannot overlook the significant surge in digital marketing and graphic designing, sectors that have become havens for creative minds. The fields of content writing and software development also bristle with opportunities. It’s time to take cognizance of this new norm and engage with it proactively. Remember, the future of work is rapidly changing, and embracing freelance professions will keep you ahead of the curve. So, why wait? Discover the freedom and flexibility of freelancing today.

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, the rise in the number of freelancers cannot be overlooked. This shift in work culture is driven by a diverse range of types of jobs available in the freelance market, offering flexibility and control over ones career. Moreover, attractive freelance rates and the potential for higher income, make this option increasingly viable. We invite you to explore more about this thriving sector, its opportunities, and its potential for your financial growth.

Number of Freelancers

Crossing the pond from the United States, we now venture into the United Kingdom, a realm of equally thriving freelancing sector. Don’t be mistaken, the United Kingdom holds its ground with a staggering 2 million freelancers contributing to the nation’s economy. This number is far from stagnant, with a consistent upward trend observed over the past decade. This statistic alone is a powerful testament to the growing acceptance and popularity of freelancing in the UK. The surge in the number of freelancers clearly underscores the demand and potential of this work style. So, why not dive into this wave of change? Becoming a freelancer in the UK could be your ticket to flexible, fulfilling, and financially rewarding career.

Types of Jobs

Just as the United States is a hub for freelancers, the United Kingdom is not lagging behind. In fact, it presents a kaleidoscope of opportunities for freelancers across numerous fields. A plethora of professions are open to freelancers in the UK, ranging from graphic design, writing and editing, to more specialized fields such as IT consulting, marketing, and accounting services.

The UK freelance market is expanding, offering you the chance to tap into your expertise and carve a niche for yourself. Remember, the types of jobs available are not confined to traditional sectors. It’s time to explore, innovate, and fully utilize your skills in this dynamic field. Don’t let your potential be a hidden treasure. Unearth it, and let the world see its sparkle.

Freelance rates and income in the United Kingdom

Leaving the shores of the United States, we turn our gaze across the Atlantic to the United Kingdom, where the world of freelancing shows a different yet equally compelling picture. In terms of freelance rates and income, the UK stands as an attractive destination for independent professionals. Median hourly rates among freelancers in the UK are significantly higher than many other countries, making it a lucrative choice for those considering this career path. Don’t let fears of financial instability dissuade you. Numerous studies and real-life success stories provide tangible proof that freelancing in the UK can be a rewarding venture. That being said, thorough research, market understanding, and continuous skill improvement remain critical to attain and maintain high income levels. It’s your chance to be a part of this thriving freelance economy.


India’s burgeoning freelance economy deserves your attention. With a remarkable rise in the number of freelancers, the subcontinent is transforming its employment landscape. Diverse types of jobs are now being outsourced to skilled Indian freelancers, underlining the vast potential this industry holds. The growth and future of freelancing in India is promising, indicating a shift towards flexible, independent work. Invest in India’s freelance market now to leverage this potential and secure your future.

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Number of Freelancers

Shifting our gaze from the United Kingdom to the vibrant subcontinent of India, we encounter a different but equally fascinating context. The sheer number of freelancers in India is nothing short of astonishing. According to a recent study by PayPal, India is home to a whopping 15 million freelancers, making it the second-largest freelancing hub in the world after the United States. This phenomenal figure represents a vast pool of talent and innovation waiting to be harnessed. The potential for growth in the freelance market is immense, therefore, businesses should seriously consider tapping into this rich resource. Indeed, the Indian freelance market promises not just quantity but also quality, fostering an environment conducive for both freelancers and businesses alike.

Types of Jobs

Stepping away from the chilly mists of the United Kingdom, let us bask in the sun-kissed vibrancy of India. Here, freelancing is not just a trend; it’s an emerging revolution. While a multitude of jobs exist for freelancers in India, there are a few that stand out. With the digital era at its peak, Graphic Designing and Content Writing are at the forefront, offering enormous potential for creative minds. Opportunities in Web Development and Digital Marketing are also skyrocketing, thanks to the rapid digital transformation of businesses. For those with a knack for numbers, Data Analysis offers an exciting path. With these diverse options, India’s freelance market is a veritable buffet of opportunities, ready for the taking.

Growth and future of freelancing in India

Leaving the shores of the United Kingdom, let’s pivot our attention to the vibrant landscape of India — a nation brimming with potential. In the realm of freelancing, India is witnessing a phenomenal growth. Experts predict that by 2025, freelancers will constitute 50% of the country’s workforce, signalling a powerful shift in the traditional employment paradigm. The future of freelancing in India is indeed bright, and it’s high time to be a part of this revolution. As an astute professional, you must seize this opportunity to leverage your unique skills and expertise in this burgeoning market. Remember, the future belongs to those who are brave enough to embrace change and adapt to it.


Bangladesh, a thriving hub for freelancers, boasts an impressive number of self-employed professionals, forging novel paths in various job sectors. Unearth the potential of this growing demographic as we explore the diverse pool of professions they embrace. Be it web development, graphic design, or digital marketing, the scope is vast and opportunities infinite. Finally, let’s delve into the inspiring success stories, revealing how Bangladeshi freelancers are overcoming socio-economic adversities to become global frontrunners. These narratives will not only highlight their determination but also inspire you to harness the power of freelancing.

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Number of Freelancers

As we shift our lens from India, let’s traverse to its neighboring country, Bangladesh, which is also making significant strides in the freelancing world. In the last few years, Bangladesh has seen an incredible surge in the number of freelancers. With over 650,000 registered freelancers, it has become the second largest freelancing workforce in Asia, and eighth in the world. This phenomenal growth is not a stroke of luck, but a result of the country’s young and dynamic population embracing the flexibility and opportunities that freelancing offers. These numbers are a convincing testament to the fact that freelancing is a viable and lucrative career choice not just in developed countries, but also in emerging economies like Bangladesh.

Types of Jobs

Crossing the border from India, we now move to an exploration of freelancing in Bangladesh. Here, freelancers are not limited to mundane tasks, but are thriving in a multitude of engaging jobs. Bangladeshi freelancers are at the forefront of the digital world, mastering content creation, web development, graphic design, digital marketing, and data analysis. They have an uncanny ability to adapt and upgrade their skills to stay relevant in the fast-paced digital environment. This versatile and dynamic freelance pool has made Bangladesh a global outsourcing hotspot. So, if you’re looking for talent that is well-versed in the latest industry trends, Bangladeshi freelancers are an excellent choice.

Success stories of Bangladeshi freelancers

Transitioning from India’s thriving freelance community, let’s turn our lens to Bangladesh, a country teeming with inspiring success stories of diligent freelancers. These individuals are making a significant impact, not just in their lives but also in the country’s economy. One such shining example is Rakibul Hasan, who, despite the odds, has become a renowned web developer on platforms like Upwork. His journey, from a small town in Bangladesh to working with international clients, is truly remarkable. Then there’s Shahriar Shovon, a freelance content writer, who is demonstrating the potential of words and ideas in the global market. These success stories serve as a testament to the potential of freelancers in Bangladesh.


In Pakistan, an impressive number of freelancers are contributing significantly to the economy. These diverse professionals offer an array of services, from writing and graphic design to software development and digital marketing. The role of freelancing in Pakistan’s economy is pivotal, as it empowers individuals, fuels entrepreneurship and supports economic growth. So, let’s explore the vibrant world of freelancing in Pakistan and evaluate the profound impact it’s making.

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Number of Freelancers

Transitioning from Bangladesh, let’s turn our attention to another global powerhouse in freelancing; Pakistan. The country has seen an impressive surge in the number of freelancers. Over a million people have joined the digital gig economy, making Pakistan one of the top countries for freelancing. This isn’t merely a statistic; it’s a testament to the immense talent and dedication of Pakistan’s youth. They are actively harnessing technology to create opportunities and reshape their futures. This is something worth acknowledging and celebrating. The growth in Pakistan’s freelance community is a clear indication of the changing dynamics of work. It’s time to embrace this change and invest in these potential-laden freelancers who are undoubtedly shaping the future of work in Pakistan.

Types of Jobs

Shifting our focus westward from Bangladesh, we arrive at the dynamic landscape of freelancing in Pakistan. The types of jobs that Pakistani freelancers are involved in are as diverse as they are inspiring. This includes, but is not limited to, graphic design, content writing, web development, digital marketing, and virtual assistance. Each of these roles calls for a unique set of skills, allowing freelancers to carve out their own niche in the digital market. This broad spectrum of jobs not only provides freelancers with endless opportunities, but it also contributes to the rich diversity of skills within Pakistan’s talent pool.

Role of freelancing in Pakistan’s economy

Shifting from Bangladesh, let’s move our focus onto Pakistan, another South Asian powerhouse on the freelancing front. Notably, freelancing has become a vital pillar of Pakistan’s economy. The country’s youth, brimming with talent and creativity, are turning to freelancing as a reliable source of income, thereby contributing significantly to the national economy. It is projected that freelancing could be instrumental in reducing unemployment and boosting economic growth in the coming years. The digital economy is no longer a small-scale phenomenon in Pakistan; it is a paradigm shift offering myriad opportunities for economic empowerment. Let’s pledge to support this digital revolution and help Pakistan’s economy to flourish even further.


In the Philippines, an increasing number of freelancers are forging successful careers, a testament to the country’s evolving job landscape. The types of jobs available span across diverse industries, each offering unique opportunities. This growth is largely driven by the most popular freelancing jobs, which not only promise flexibility but also financial security. Explore these dynamic avenues and discover how you can turn your skills into a flourishing freelancing career.

Number of Freelancers

Shifting focus from Pakistan, let us traverse to the tropical archipelago of the Philippines, a nation bustling with potential and promise in the freelance industry. The Philippines is a hub of talent with an estimated 500,000 freelancers contributing significantly to the country’s economy. Despite the challenges faced due to infrastructure and internet connectivity, these individuals have proven their resilience and determination to make a mark in the global freelance market. This impressive number of freelancers is a testament to the country’s versatility and adaptability. It’s high time we recognize the value of these independent professionals. Investing in the freelance industry in the Philippines is not just a wise business move, but a stride towards empowering a significant number of hardworking and skilled individuals.

Types of Jobs

Transitioning from the rich cultural tapestry of Pakistan, imagine being transported to the vibrant and bustling streets of the Philippines. As we explore the Filipino freelancing landscape, we dive into the diverse range of jobs available. These are not limited to, but predominantly include, content writing, graphic designing, software development, and digital marketing. Each job represents a unique opportunity to showcase Filipino talent on the world stage. The types of jobs available not only reflect the technical prowess of these freelancers but also their creative flair and adaptability. It is a testament to their resilience and versatility. So, why wait? Take the plunge and explore the limitless opportunities in the Filipino freelancing industry.

Most popular freelancing jobs in the Philippines

Shifting from the landscape of Pakistan, we now turn our gaze to the vibrant archipelago of the Philippines. Reflecting its diverse culture, the Philippines boasts a wide array of popular freelancing jobs. It’s worth noting that web development and graphic design services are in high demand, with many businesses seeking these skills regardless of their industry. Moreover, content writing and virtual assistance are particularly prominent, as global businesses recognize the exceptional English proficiency and administrative abilities of Filipino freelancers. As a business owner, you cannot underestimate the potential of this talent pool. Avail of these in-demand services from the Philippines and you’ll be sure to reap outstanding results.


In Canada, the number of freelancers is swiftly growing, offering a vast range of job types, from graphic design to digital marketing. This shift towards a gig economy has been exacerbated by the impact of COVID-19, as many have sought alternative income in uncertain times. Comprehension of these trends is crucial for both businesses seeking flexible talent and individuals considering freelancing. Understanding this landscape can equip you with the tools to adapt and ultimately, thrive in Canada’s evolving economy.

Number of Freelancers

Leaving the tropical vibe of the Philippines behind, let’s now traverse the North American continent to the land of the maple leaf, Canada. In this vast country, the rise of freelancing has been phenomenal. According to Statistics Canada, there are over 2.9 million self-employed individuals, a significant portion of whom are freelancers. This profound shift towards independent, flexible work is transforming Canada’s employment landscape. It is essential for us to recognize this trend and adapt accordingly. Whether you’re an employer or a job-seeker, do not overlook the power and potential of the freelance economy. Embrace it, and you’ll find yourself ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving job market.

Types of Jobs

Transitioning from the sunny archipelago of the Philippines, we journey to the vast landscapes of Canada. This North American country also boasts a significant number of freelancers, with a diverse array of job types to consider. In Canada, freelancing is not limited to just digital or creative roles. From project management to software development, consultancy to education, the Canadian freelancer market is diverse and flourishing. Professionals in all sectors are leveraging the flexibility and autonomy of freelancing to enhance their careers. It’s high time you consider stepping into this dynamic world. The possibilities are endless, and the rewards are significant. Stay tuned to explore the impact of COVID-19 on freelancing in Canada.

Impact of COVID-19 on Freelancing in Canada

Shifting our gaze from the vibrant tropical archipelago to the vast expanses of the Great White North, the impact of COVID-19 on freelancing in Canada has been significant, yet not without its silver linings. The pandemic ushered in a new normal, with businesses across the board transitioning to remote work. This has inadvertently boosted demand for freelancers across various sectors. However, the economic uncertainties brought about by the virus have also resulted in fluctuating work volumes, thus impacting income stability. It is imperative, therefore, for freelancers to remain adaptable and resilient in these challenging times. Equally important is the need for the Canadian government to provide more robust protections and support for this rapidly growing workforce segment.


Germany’s booming freelance market is reshaping the national economic landscape. The rising number of freelancers is a testament to the flexibility and potential of this form of employment. Transitioning to the types of jobs available, there’s an impressive variety, ranging from tech to creative fields. But it’s not just about quantity; it’s about quality. The skills demand is a key factor, as it ensures that freelancers continually upskill to meet the market’s needs. Embrace this trend and secure a spot in Germany’s vibrant freelance economy.

Number of Freelancers

Shifting our focus from the vast expanse of Canada, let’s zoom in on the bustling freelancing scene in Germany. The landscape of freelancing in Germany is quite awe-inspiring, with an impressive 1.5 million freelancers operating as of 2019. This number is no small feat, demonstrating an upward trend in the appeal and acceptance of freelance work amongst Germans. It’s a clear testament to the thriving freelance market that Germany offers.

Such a substantial number of freelancers not only signifies the conducive environment for freelancing in Germany but also highlights the country’s ability to adapt to the changing dynamics of the global job market. This surge is an open invitation for you to explore the promising opportunities in the German freelance market.

Types of Jobs

Leaving the maple leaf nation behind, we jet across the Atlantic to the industrious heart of Europe: Germany. The freelance landscape in Germany is as diverse as it is dynamic. Here, the types of jobs available to freelancers are not confined to the traditional spheres. Creative fields such as graphic design, photography and writing are thriving, but so too are more niche sectors. It’s a playground for freelancers with skills in IT, engineering, and consulting. The pandemic has only highlighted the resilience and adaptability of this market. So, if you are a freelancer seeking new opportunities, Germany’s vibrant freelance market is beckoning. Embrace the change and take a step towards building a robust freelance career in the heartland of Europe.

Skills Demand in German Freelance Market

Just as Canada presents a rich tapestry of opportunities, so too does the freelance market in Germany. The skills demand in the German freelance market is a dynamic force that no ambitious freelancer can afford to ignore. Germany is a powerhouse of innovation and technology, hence IT and digital skills are in high demand. Whether you’re a graphic designer, web developer, or digital marketer, the German market is ripe with potential. Furthermore, given Germany’s strong manufacturing and engineering sectors, technical and engineering skills are also highly sought after. The call for highly specialized, skilled freelancers is loud and clear. Don’t miss the opportunity to tap into this lucrative market and elevate your freelance career to new heights.


The burgeoning freelancing sector in Ukraine is evidence of the country’s adaptability and resilience. A deeper look into the number of freelancers shows a significant increase, reflecting an evolving work culture. Moreover, the diverse types of jobs undertaken by Ukrainian freelancers encompass a broad range of sectors, signifying their versatility. Finally, the top freelancing professions in Ukraine highlight the country’s strengths and provide a clear direction for prospective freelancers. Take a step towards understanding the potential of Ukraine’s freelancing market and seize the opportunities it offers.

Number of Freelancers

Shifting our gaze eastwards from Germany, we land upon the vibrant and burgeoning freelance market of Ukraine. According to the Global Freelancer Insights Report, Ukraine boasts an impressive number of over 130,000 active freelancers. My dear reader, imagine the potential this vast pool of talent holds. This impressive number of freelancers not only offers a wide variety of skills but also a guarantee of unparalleled dedication and unmatched work ethic. It is a clear indication of the country’s growing economic robustness. Embrace this opportunity and extend your business horizons to Ukraine, a landscape brimming with freelancing prowess.

Types of Jobs

Leaving behind the bustling streets of Germany, let’s take a journey eastward to uncover the thriving freelance landscape in Ukraine. Ukraine’s freelance market is a vibrant ecosystem teeming with an array of jobs. This expansive industry offers a variety of opportunities, from software development and graphic design, to content writing and digital marketing. These fields not only offer a platform for individuals to showcase their unique skills, but also enable them to work on ground-breaking projects, contribute to innovative ideas, and be a part of global collaborations. If you’re looking for a career that merges creativity with the cutting-edge technology, Ukraine’s freelance job market is the ideal launchpad for your dreams.

Top Freelancing Professions in Ukraine

Shifting focus from Germany’s thriving freelancer market, we land on the vibrant, yet often overlooked, landscape of freelancing in Ukraine. The power of freelancing in this country cannot be understated.

In Ukraine, the top freelancing professions are a testament to the country’s rich pool of talent and technological advancement. Web and software development take the lead, reflecting the nation’s profound investment in digital innovation. Graphic design and content creation also demonstrate prominence, highlighting the creative flair prevalent amongst Ukrainian freelancers. These professions are not just jobs; they are a manifestation of Ukraine’s commitment to harnessing the potential of the digital economy.

Recognize Ukraine’s freelancers for what they truly represent – a dynamic and resourceful workforce.


The rapid rise in the number of freelancers in Australia is reshaping our professional landscape. These individuals are not just confined to creative fields, but spread across a variety of types of jobs, demonstrating the flexibility and potential of freelancing. Beyond the individual benefits, this shift is also having a significant impact on Australia’s economy. This new work model is fueling growth and innovation, making Australia a competitive player in the global market. It’s time to embrace and support this shift, recognizing the immense economic potential it holds for our nation.

Number of Freelancers

As we leave the cobblestone streets of Ukraine and land on the sun-kissed shores of Australia, let’s dive into the thrilling world of freelancing down under. In Australia, the freelance community is booming with an estimated 4.1 million freelancers making up over 30% of the workforce. This diverse group of digital nomads, scattered across the continent, are challenging the traditional work paradigm and creating new opportunities for themselves. Freelancing is not a mere trend in Australia; it is an established lifestyle choice that offers flexibility, autonomy, and empowerment. Don’t just observe, become a part of this revolutionary shift. The Australian freelance community is ready to welcome you with open arms.

Types of Jobs

Leaving behind the cobblestone streets of Ukraine, we journey down under to Australia, a land of diverse landscapes and bustling cities. In Australia, the types of jobs freelancers engage in are as varied as the country’s topography. From creative industries like graphic design, writing, and film production to technical fields such as software development, data analysis, and engineering consultancy – the options are limitless. Digital marketing in particular, is a popular field among freelancers, thanks to the country’s thriving online businesses. By choosing to freelance, you’re diving into a sea of opportunities. So, why not consider the variety of roles available in Australia and align your skills to a sector that is booming? The door to limitless possibilities is wide open.

Impact of freelancing on Australia’s economy

Leaving the vibrant freelancing landscape of Ukraine, let’s now dive into the economic powerhouse of the Southern Hemisphere – Australia. Freelancing is not just a trend in Australia; it’s a significant economic driver. The impact on Australia’s economy is profound and transformative. Freelancers inject billions each year into the economy, fostering innovation, boosting productivity and promoting economic stability. They represent a flexible, highly skilled workforce that can adapt to changing market conditions – an invaluable asset in these uncertain times. So, let’s appreciate the quiet, but powerful revolution freelancers are spearheading. It’s high time we understood the true value of freelancers and embraced this new economy. Invest in freelance. Invest in Australia’s future.


In conclusion, the freelancing market is not confined to a single geographical location. Instead, it spans across various continents and cultures. Whether it’s the technological prowess of the United States, the linguistic versatility of the United Kingdom, or the cost-effectiveness of Asian countries like India and Bangladesh, each location brings a unique set of advantages to the global freelancing industry.

As a freelancer or an employer, these top 10 freelancing countries offer a spectrum of opportunities and talent. It’s about time to expand your horizons and take advantage of the global talent pool. The world is your oyster, ready to be explored.


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